Notes aux auteurs

Writing rules

  1. The texts must be edited in Microsoft Word program.
  2. The title of the text should be all capital letters, bold and 14 pt.
  3. The name of the author of the text should be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  4. It should be added to the end of the first page as an automatic footnote with an (*) symbol at the end of the author’s name. The information about the author of the text should be written in Times New Roman, 9 pt., Separated by commas (Title…,… University,… Faculty,… Department Lecturer). The ORCID number and e-mail address of the author should be written in the same font in one line.
  5. The manuscript must have a French and an English summary of at least 300 and a maximum of 400 words. The titles of the abstracts should be aligned to the middle of the page, all in capital letters, bold and 9 points. The abstract text should be in 9 font size and should be arranged justified. At the end of the abstracts, there should be 8 keywords written in bold (Mot-clés: / Keywords 🙂 in italics and with commas between them (without using “article”).
  6. The text should be written in New Roman, 11 font, single line spacing and indented at the beginning of each paragraph.
  7. Work names in the text should be italic without quotes.
  8. Quotations under 4 lines in the text should be in 11 pt, italic and in quotation marks. Quotations above 4 lines should be justified in 11 pt. Italics and 2 cm inside without quotation.
  9. All notes and bibliography information, except the introduction information of the author on the first page, should be arranged as an automatic final note at the end of the text. Endnotes: It should be written automatically under the heading NOTES (9 pt bold and all in capital letters), Times New Roman 9 pt.
    The following arrangement should be used for the references:



Surname, Name, Title of the Book, Publisher, City of Publication, Year of Publication.


Surname, Name, “Article Title”, in the title of the journal, volume, issue, Publisher, Publication city, Publication year, page ranges.

(Electronic Journal)

Surname, Name, “Article Title”, in Journal Name, volume, issue, page numbers. Retrieved from http.//net on dd / month / yyyy.

The articles requested to be published in Francophone must be sent to

Template for the French Article:

Click to download the Francophone Turkish Template.